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7 Stunning Characteristics of EPDM Roofing

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epdm roofing

Do you live in an area susceptible to heavy rains or snowstorms? Are you looking to reduce your energy costs?

Roofs can last anywhere from 15 to 50 years. When it is time for a new one, however, you may want to consider EPDM roofing.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofs are extremely durable and widely used. They are popular on flat and low-slope roofs, and on commercial buildings.

They are made from ethylene and propylene and come in a broad variety of widths. EPDM materials are derived from oil and natural gas.

How can a quality synthetic EPDM roof benefit you? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Low Costs

The cost of EPDM roofing is low compared to other types of roofing. Expect to spend anywhere between $3.25 and $14.00 per square foot for material and installation. The cost will, of course, vary depending upon where you live and the specific needs of your home.

This is affordable compared to other single-ply membranes, including thermoplastic polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride. You will also get your money’s worth because of EPDM’s well-known longevity.

EPDM roofs are also less expensive to repair. This is because there are fewer seems that could fail. EPDM is sold in wide, long rolls and may have thicker membranes.

2. Endurance

EPDM can make your roof last decades longer as long as it gets installed the right way. 

Weather, UV rays, sediment, and high temperatures are admirably withstood by a strong EPDM roof. The rubber covering reduces the threat of leakages. It also absorbs the energy of the sun, keeping your building cool in the summertime.

3. Durability

Hailstorms create dents in shingles, which could create major problems on commercial properties. EPDM, however, can withstand hail.

EPDM is also fireproof, and it can even slow the progress of fires. It can also resist ozone, weathering, and abrasion.

EPDM has extreme resistance during fire and heat, but it is also flexible in low temperatures. It also has great shock, wind, and fatigue resistance.

4. Reducing Energy Costs

EPDM is a great way to help keep heat in buildings during colder months, and it can keep out the heat when it gets hot. It can also get coated to prolong its life and provide additional reflexivity. 

EPDM roofs are available in white, which will allow it to reflect UV rays and reduce energy costs even further.

5. Recyclable

EPDM is the leading recycled commercial roof material in North America. Millions of pounds of the membrane have avoided clogging up landfills because of earth-friendly recycling practices.

6. Easy to Install

EPDM roofs are also easy to install and are popular with many DIYers. You will need to plan your roof and give it some thought first.

Give yourself time to cut the membrane right and glue down the rubber, giving lots of attention to detail.

If roof installation is not your thing, consider getting yours professionally installed.

7. Lightweight

EPDM roofs are significantly lighter than asphalt shingles. They will place no stress on commercial buildings.

What Should You Look for in EPDM Roofing Companies?

An EPDM roof is an investment, so you do not want to choose a company carelessly.

Ask other homeowners or businesspeople for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience.

Was the price outlined from the beginning? Were there any surprise costs?

If they had their roof installed, was it done professionally? Was it completed in the time frame that they were given originally? Did the roof last and withstand rain or hail storms?

If you can’t get any personal recommendations, call different companies, and ask for a few references you can speak to. Local roofers are best, as they will know about the specific weather conditions and regulations in your area.

Read online reviews and see what former customers are saying. Anyone can get a bad review once in a while. If, however, you are seeing the same comment over and over again, you have a good idea of what your experience will be like.

If you are seriously considering hiring a company, give them a call and tell them what your needs are. You should be able to get an idea of their courtesy and professionalism. Do they answer calls and emails promptly and respectfully?

Get at least three different estimates before hiring someone. Throw out any estimates that are too high or too low. You should be certain that the price you are agreeing to is reasonable in your area.

Preparing for Your EPDM Roof

Getting a roof replaced is no small imposition on normal life.

If you are preparing for a residential EPDM roof, you may want to consider relocating for a time, as the noise could be disturbing for children and pets. You could, however, arrange to have your roof installed during school hours if your children are older. You may also need to relocate your family vehicles.

Remove all wall decorations and pictures as a precaution. Cover any belongings in your attic so debris does not fall on them. You may also want to move outdoor belongings, such as patio furniture and grills, away from the work zone.

A commercial work zone will be a different story. You will, however, still need to make sure your workers have access to outdoor or infrequently used electrical outlets.

Ready for Your New Roof?

EPDM roofing is safe, durable, and affordable. With a little homework and preparation, you could have a stunning new roof in no time.

For more information on EPDM roofs and installation, contact us today.