Need a New Roof? Here's How it Works

Get a New Roof in Four Easy Steps

Every home eventually needs the roof to be replaced. The roof is among the most important structural elements of a home. A damaged or deteriorating roof presents a risk of a critical failure, water damage, and more. DMV Roofing Pros partners with home and business owners to provide affordable roof installations and replacements when they need them.

If your roof is over 20 years old, the shingles have started to lose granulation, or the roof has suffered severe storm damage, we’re here to help. Just follow the four steps below to get a brand-new roof that’s built to last.

Step 1 - Get a Free Inspection & Estimate

First, we will inspect the extent of the damage or wear and recommend roofing options that will suit your home’s structure and aesthetic. We will also look for any damage that qualifies the house for a new roof through the homeowner’s insurance policy.

After the inspection, we will provide you with a competitive pricing estimate. This inspection and estimate is free and comes with no obligation to purchase a new roof.

Step 2 - Site Preparation

If you decide to have the roof replaced, the first step is preparing the job site for the replacement. We go to great lengths to respect our customer’s homes and leave the property looking exactly how we found it (besides the new roof, of course).

We will prepare the job site by laying heavy tarps down to protect the property from shingles, nails, and other debris. We will also set up any safety equipment necessary to perform the job.

Step 3 - Installation

One of our roofing crews will perform the installation. For all but the largest projects, this takes less than one full day. Our teams work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to our customers’ lives. They will work from sunup to sundown until the job is complete. You do not need to be home while the work is being performed, though you can be if you wish. We use the highest quality tools and materials in the industry to provide our customers with a high-quality final product. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it in writing. Our workmanship warranty guarantees the quality of the new roof. Should it have any problems resulting from the installation, we’ll come out and fix it free of charge.

Step 4 - Cleaning Up

We perform a thorough cleanup of the job site and ensure we leave your property exactly as we found it. If it weren’t for your brand new roof, you wouldn’t even know we were there.

Need a New Roof? Get a Free Estimate Today.

If you think your roof might be too old or too damaged, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your home is a significant investment, and we want to do everything we can to ensure it is safe and structurally sound.

Estimates are free, so you have nothing to lose by having a professional roof inspection and estimate. Our pricing is incredibility competitive, and our workmanship is unmatched in the industry. Give us a call today for your free estimate!